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Professional Facilitator Certification Program

In Imago Relationship Theory and Practice Presented by  Maureen Brine, Reg.N, ICADC Senior Clinical Instructors of Imago International Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dates for 2023 and 2024  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

  • Module 1 –  TBA: using Imago with individuals.
  • Module 2 -   TBA: using Imago with dyads.
  • Module 3 -  TBA: using Imago with families/groups
  • Module 4 -  TBA: using Imago in organizations

Location: TBA  Office number: (416) 921 - 8688

Cost: $800 US registration fee payable to Imago Relationships International with registration +  $3,200 CA training fee payable three weeks prior to start of training (4 instalment payment plan available on request) + monthly supervision for 6 months post training ($600).  Discount of 25% on training fee for one spouse when training together  ($2,400).  

  • This course is for people in a wide range of professions, who wish to deepen their own understanding of relationships and bring that understanding into their personal and professional lives.  It may be of particular interest to business people, team leaders, lawyers, physicians, health care professionals, counselors, family mediators, human resource managers, coaches, clergy, etc.
  • The course consists of approximately one third personal growth work, one third Imago relationship theory, and one third practice of facilitation.
  • It is not a training to become a couples’ therapist or counselor or to do deep emotional and regressive work with couples.

Admission requirements:  Attendance at a “Getting the Love You Want” or “Keeping the Love You Find” workshop, curriculum vitae with supporting documents, previous experience in personal growth, letters of recommendation, acceptance by Imago instructor.


For Information and to Register

To Register please contact Maureen Brine call 416-921-8688 or email   yvonne@maureenbrine.com



 Important information regarding payments

  • $800 US registration fee payable by credit card to Imago Relationships International (IRI) at time of on-line registration.  For help if needed contact:
  • + $3,200 training fee payable three weeks prior to 1st training module (or payment plan of four payments of $815 payable 3 weeks prior to each module)  

      + consultation/supervision for 6 months  post-training $600 approx. payable to consultant.

  • + $195 US certification fee payable to IRI with submission of project.  Includes one year membership in IRI.